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Brand new!!!
HOSTAGE teemed up with HARDFACTION to remix BEN PASSION's new single "THE BITCH SHIFTER" (produced by Jendrik de Ruvo) on Dav Joy's hardstyle label Doof Doof Traxx.
Available now exclusively on Trackitdown.net.

HOSTAGE is back with its new track "FINALLY DEAD". Hard powerful and uplifting hardtrance mixes will kick your asses off!!!!
Three mixes are available on this Sigma Trance Records release.
On side A the club mix combining hard beats and mindblowing melody will rock you out.
On the flip side German top producer Jendrick de Ruvo (Deep Mission Records, STIK Records...) delivered a powerful trance remix.
Only for your ears Hostage boosted an extended mix on the flip side!!!
This record is a must for all hard groovy sound freaks!!! Available everywhere!

The brand new HOSTAGE single "DO IT" has been released on Sigma Trance Records.
Mindblowing Tech-Trance supported by a huge remix by talented Swiss Trance
Deejay and Producer DJ SIMPLE.
Listen to the preview in the discography section.
Available in every good record shop!!!

"THE LAUNCH" on DJ NETWORX Vol. 20 (Tunnel Records/Sony Music) mixed by DJ DEAN (release the 12th January 2004).

HOSTAGE "THE LAUNCH" has been licensed on TRANCE EMPIRE (DJ Beat Records) mixed by DJ SNOWMAN.

Week 46: Hostage release "THE LAUNCH" No. 8 in the Music Mail Top 25 Sales Chart.

After their smashing release "Another Dream" HOSTAGE is back with a new club banger. The new Hostage release "THE LAUNCH" is now available on Sonar Records (Distribution Music Mail). Two slamming mixes of this huge track that remains in all clubbers mind and that will pump the floors. You can listen to a sample of the track in the menu section (1) or the entire tracks in the discography section. It is available in every good techno shop or you can buy it directly online (decks-records). Don't miss it !!!

Quoted from Music Mails' news section:
"the 1999 planetary trance anthem by DJ JEAN will strike the dancefloors again. upcoming swiss producers HOSTAGE have worked out two powerful new versions of the launch on sonar records. a fantastic club mix with hard breaks and sharp melodies, and on the flipside a great trance mix that will rock the floors taking you in the real atmosphere of this track! This is a floorburner!"

Week 43-44: The AQM meets U-Sound (including Hostage remix) stands 2nd for two weeks in a row in the Q-Vertrieb Sales Chart.

The AQM Hostage remix "More" has been licenced by daMusic Germany and U-Sound, has be released the 19th May 2003 on E.C.G. (Electronic Club Grooves) along with a progressive mix by U-Sound and a hardstyle mix by Sam Punk (Hardnation - Tinitus...)..

The Hostage remix "More" of Boston based band AQM is now available on their double CD including remixes by Flying Red Fish, dj Terrorist, Dj St-Paul and many others. You can listen to a sample of the track in the menu section (2) or the entire version in the discography section. You can buy it directly online (deejay.de).

The remix from Hostage "dj Relay meets dj NDS : Not in Kansas" is out now on Prognosis Records. A hard and smashing progressive sound. Listen to the full version in the discography area. You can buy it in every good techno shop or directly online (deejay.de)

The first issue on Sonar Records encountered a great success all over the world and was licensed on various compilations like Evolution 11, Trance Megamix vol.1, Mallorca Mania vol.2, Trance Dance vol.11...

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